The Three Installment Policy

The Three Installment Policy

Pay your entire order off in just three installments via PayPal- Don't sweat late fees!  We do not charge late fees.

Orders will ship once all invoices are paid.  An email and text will be sent to remind the customer to pay their invoices on due date.  You can pay weekly or bi-weekly from the 1st payment date.

After the customers soft agreement and order is confirmed by email,  an invoice to make the first payment will be sent.   Shipping fees and state tax are included in the overall balance.   A 2.9% plus 30 cent processing fee will be applied to each invoice. 

TO GET SET UP: Contact us by email or text for inquiries to place an order.  All orders must be a minimum of $50.00 to activate The Three Installment Plan. 

CONTACT INFO:   455-205-0915


* First and Last name

* Email Address 

* Phone number

* Complete address

*  The name, color and quantity of each product. Screenshots or attachments of desired items are encouraged.

* Please indicate if you'll be paying weekly or bi-weekly 

* Is this order for PICK UP or SHIPPING